Upon receipt of your application and dues:

Your e-mail address & name will be placed on the membership list of the AppleSiders announce only LISTSERV.

You may have access to AppleSiders electronic system: SidersTalk.


The biggest benefit to belonging to AppleSiders of Cincinnati is the members.

Members helping other members with questions, issues and problems. This is done through monthly meetings and our two-way Listserv called SidersTalk.

We can often help you with you specific issues one-on-one, especially at our iLearn S.I.G.

Monthly meetings with programs of timely topics about computing using Apple products including Macintosh, iPhone, iPad etc.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) members may attend any and all SIGs. Currently we have the iLearn SIG.

AppleSiders Mailing Address:

AppleSiders of Cincinnati, 2502 Airy Court, Cincinnati, OH 45239

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Ongoing Support for People Who Enjoy Using Their Apple Computers

We are about all things Apple. Whether you have or use a Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, or Apple TV we can help you with it. Everyone is welcome, memberships are open to all.