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Remember to make Backups.

Most people don’t make backups of their computer’s hard drive. Everyone should because hard drives fail, disasters happen, fire, floods, theft etc. If you have backups you can restore your data, music, photos, applications and everything.


Use Time Machine - its free with your Mac

Use Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper to clone your Mac’s hard drive

Make at least one additional clone and strore it off site. Examples, home, office, friend, relative, safe deposit box.

Keep backups up-to-date. That is, backup often.

Clone hard drive size does not need to be larger that your Mac’s internal drive. An incremental clone will be an exact copy of the drive with the exact same files, no more, no less.

A Time Machine drive should be larger than your Mac’s internal drive as Time Machine keeps all files and adds new and changed files to the Time Machine drive. So you will eventually run out of space on the Time Machine drive. Then you can either delete older files, or add another drive for Time Machine to work with.

Because the meeting was cancelled for February, all meeting program will advance one month.

February main meeting was cancelled due to bad weather. Snow, ice and very cold temperatures on that evening of February 18, 2015.

More snow today!

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