AppleSiders Officers for 2018

President - Terry Crooker

Vice-President - Paul Galati

Secretary - Pat Ossenschmidt

Treasurer - Walt Becker

Membership Secretary - Barry Austern

Nikki G. Orlemann - Hospitality

Program - Terry Crooker

On Line Services Coordinator - Paul Galati

AppleSiders Web Master - Terry Crooker

AppleSiders of Cincinnati USPS mailing address:
AppleSiders of Cincinnati
5984 Cheviot Road
Cincinnati, OH 45247

AppleSiders Officer meetings are currently held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the AppleSiders meeting room at Rapid Copy Printing, 5984 Cheviot Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45247 (White Oak)
Meetings start a 7:00 PM.

Any member is welcome to attend any officers meeting, but notice must be given in advance to Terry Crooker.

Contact us at:

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